Top selling categories in France

It's a fact that French readers like translated books. But we also know what categories represent the top sales.

Each year, one million ebooks are sold in France. Publishing a digital version of your book appears to be the first strategic step on the French market. Instant visibility, lower price, easy process: ebooks represent a huge opportunity.

If your book happens to be in a top selling category, don't wait!


More than 20% of romance books sold are ebooks. This topic pleases a wide range of the readers. An aesthetic image on the cover and the right codes in the story will give you every chance to succeed. 

If your romance book had success home, you will probably meet a success in France as well.

Thriller / Mystery / Suspense

It has been and always will be a solid value on the book market. A well-constructed plot, suspense maintained right to the end, personalities readers can identify with: if your story is strongly built, it will catch everyone from the first pages.

Science fiction

Let your imagination go and create a new world. Surprise the readers and make them wonder "what if this is our future?".

The major science fiction stories are huge success in France, the codes work the same. There is nothing to change in your original story, a good translation will do the job.

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