Five easy steps to publish an ebook

The steps for publishing an ebook are simpler than the ones for the paper books :


STEP 1 : General information

Simply fill out the fields marked *: category, title, subtitle of the book and your author name.

Please note that the fields is case sensitive, and that it is preferable to use lower case.


STEP 2 : Information about your ebook

Present your ebook so that it can easily be found.

The synopsis and the key words will be used by the online retailers to reference under categories.


STEP 3 : Commercial information

Decide at what price you want to sell your ebook (most of the ebooks on the French market are sold between 4,99€ and 6,99€), and the date you want to sell it. If you choose a date in the future, your ebook will be in pre sale until this date.


STEP 4 : Upload your text

The file must be in .doc format.

Be careful : the layout must be very simple, no page number, no footnotes, but be sure to use the styles in Word.


STEP 5 : Upload your cover

The file must be a .jpg format. The smallest side must be 1400 pixels wide.

Create a strong and beautiful cover, make sure the readers won't see anything but your ebook.

When you click on the green button, your book is published.

Publish a book