Five easy steps to publish a paper book

The online process is for now in French, but here is everything you need to know about the five publishing steps :


STEP 1 : Your information

Here, you have to fill out the fields marked *: category, title of the book and your author name.

If your book has a subtitle and you want your first name to appear, you can complete the fields required.

Please note that the fields is case sensitive, and that it is preferable to use lower case.


STEP 2 : How you want your book to be distributed

We offer three choices here : 
  • your book is published only for you, not destined to be sold - free
  • you only need to sell your book on our website - free
  • you want your book to be available in bookstores and retailers around the world - 156€/year

If you choose the third option (preferable if you really want to make it in France), we provide you an ISBN number, which is mandatory if you want to sell a book. Then we advise you to chose "Vente ferme" : it means that the bookstores ont be able to return your books if not sold. It's safer at the beginning.


STEP 3 : Upload your text

Your file must be in doc, odt or pdf format.

The size of your book will be automatically detected and marked with a green check. If the size marked is wrong, go back to your original file and set up the right size.

When it's done, you need to choose the cover paper, the lamination, the inside paper and if you want color inside.

After that, the system will convert your document and make it ready to be printed. We recommend you to check the file before validation.


STEP 4 : Create or upload your cover

First, write down your book synopsis. 

Then, take care of your cover. We offer you three choices :

  • Use our online tool to create your cover - free
  • Upload your own cover: be sure that the format is right by downloading our template - free
  • Brief our professional graphic designer and get the cover you want - 149€


STEP 5 : Overview

All the datas you completed are overviewed here: check out everyone of them to make sure they are right.

When you click on the green button, your book is published.

Publish a book